Anti-explosion crawling endoscope,wide range of adaptation, Pressure protection device inside the cart body.With High performance lens,pixel 3200000, 360°axial direction  rotation,180° radial rotation,automatic focusing, manual adjustment, Optical zoom lens, 360°automatic panoramic scanning.Automatic inspection the crawling  endoscope`s working position ,convenient the worker control the crawling endoscope .

Professional KEVLAR Cable cart with Good insulation,heat and abrasion resistance, anti-corrosion, high-strength mechanical material.  Materials with excellent performance.Detection wire length 0-100m,detection diameter is 9mm.Very fast and convenient with movable wheel.

anti-explosion camera  welding joint inspection  waterproof camera detection  Video Pipeline Inspection  borescope inspection camera

With high-performance lithium battery, continuous working time 5-6 hours,no need external power